Taekwondo is a martial art that originates from Korea. In Korean, tae means “to strike or break with foot”; kwon means “to strike or break with fist”; and do means “way”, “method”, or “path”. Thus, taekwondo may be loosely translated as “the way of the hand and the foot.”

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New students will receive a free uniform and a one-on-one introductory lesson, scheduled by appointment. We find it provides the student the advantage of heading onto the training floor with some knowledge, allowing for a smooth transition into the program.
Our program operates under the direct supervision of Grand Master Ho Yung Chung, who administers the rank testings. We offer a Tae Kwon Do progrm that is sanctioned by:

» The World Tae Kwon Do Federation
» Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan, Korea
» U.S. Tae Kwon Do Grand Master Society

Classes are separated by age and level of experience. We also provide family classes where students of all ages and ranks may train together. After initial trial sessions, our program has four training levels.

White – White belt classes are slower in pace and meant to lay the groundwork for future training in the martial arts.

Approximate time: 2 months

Beginner – Intensity level increases as students learn and practice all basic blocking, striking, and kicking techniques. Breaking, limited sparring, and joint-locking/take down techniques are learned as well.

Approximate time: 10 months

Advanced – Intensity level increases further. Students learn and practice more advanced techniques and practical applications. Advanced take downs, throws, and joint- locking techniques are learned and practiced, as well as free sparring and breaking.

Approximate time: 18 months

First Degree Black Belt and Up – Students practice and master all techniques. They will work on they’re flaws and perfect their technique.

Approximate time: Lifetime pursuit

Master Sean Sweet
Black Belt - 7th Dan
Master John Xuereb
Black Belt - 4th Dan
John Mostek
Black Belt - 3rd Dan
Jeff Salmeto
Black Belt - 3rd Dan
Cary Kaiser
Black Belt - 3rd Dan
Elizabeth Sweet
Black Belt - 1st Dan