First and foremost, we are a learning institution. Like any fine learning institute, both school and student must be a good match for one another. We ask that all new students take an introductory course. This introductory course allows for a student to “try out” the program. We find that it also gives the student the advantage of heading onto the training floor with some knowledge, allowing a smoother transition into the program. Our introductory course includes a free uniform and consists of a one-on-one trial lesson, scheduled by appointment.


Our Lil’ Dragon program teaches many of the same Tae Kwon Do techniques that encompass our program for older children. Age appropriate techniques are taught in a manner proven to help our youngest students succeed. Classes are a half hour in duration. As children learn new techniques, they are rewarded with stripes on their belt.

After students graduate from Lil’ Dragons they are able to participate in our Tae Kwon Doe program that operates under the direct supervision of Grand Master Ho Yung Chung, who administers the rank testings. Our Tae Kwon Do program is the next step for our Lil’ Dragons and can lead to a life of discipline and self defense ability for your kids. Our Tae Kwon Do program is sanctioned by:

  • The World Tae Kwon Do Federation
  • Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan, Korea
  • U.S. Tae Kwon Do Grand Master Society